React in Cpanel by Gabriel Onike

You may be thinking ? Why React with shared hosting and how does PHP, cPanel and Nginx/Apache come into play ?

Well, I possess shared hosting which is managed via an Admin Interface known as cPanel. This shared hosting houses some of my applications. When I made the decision to redesign some of my pages/services while learning React, especially as I got comfortable around the technology, I wasn’t ready to move all hosting services to the cloud or otherwise even though this would have been an ideal and the trendy approach.

Also, it would have been pointless shifting several running…

This article hinges on the application of UI in solving the challenge. To fully grasp this article, one should already be familiar with;

having set up React, HTML, CSS, JSX(JavaScript XML) and JavaScript (JS) ES6+ syntax.

However there is still guidance on basic setup herein.

The predisposed reader should have encountered:

  • Bash Terminal, Node Package Manager (NPM)

By the end of this article, the ardent reader should understand what state in React is about and even conjure a basic UI implementation using Props.

I go about this article by way of an example. I present a simple challenge I encountered…

LABOUR — By: Gabriel Onike

A Development Perspective

As automation through technology trudges along the course of Moores law especially via electrical power, technology, artificial intelligence etc. the ripple effects are bound to be seen on the world and in your local economy especially as regards human capital, growth and labour as we embrace a new phase of industrial and human capital development.

Where you position yourself now may very well impact your socio economic future. You don’t have to live a life of frugality while existing in a world of plenty.

Labour: Toward Sustainable living.

As leaps and bounds are made across sectors including Industry, labour is receiving…

N G Onike

Communications Specialist: Journalism, Digital Marketing and Web Software Development.

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